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I have nothing to compare it to, but I love that it’s so easy to cart around if we had sleep overs or moved the bassinet from room to room!

@ceilahlauraaa Instagram influencer

I love that I can set it up in Vi and Tilly’s room super quickly and easily, and the wifi connection to my phone makes it so user friendly, much easier than carrying around a seperate handset.

@stayathomewitherin A mom from the UK

I think Fallon is equally as excited as mom & dad to be sleeping through the night now🎉

@kaleigh_hanrahan A satisfied user

Liam, is preparing for when he is 8 months old and can eat more variety, look at that beautiful tableware.

@sebastian_and_liam A satisfied user

We are loving these super cute 🤍 They are just the perfect size to hold making it easy to grasp!

@sofia_muneca_rose A mom from the USA

It’s the perfect starter piece for introducing your little one some independency in feeding!🤗

@bojorquezapril A happy user

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